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CloneECU Open-Sourced!

Since I started this project back in 2010 life has become busier than ever. In 2013 I shut down the ordering on the website because I could not keep up with demand and I wanted more family time. Basically, I was burned out!

Since I “officially” shutdown production I have only made ECUs through certain private channels where the ECU was installed as part of a tuned upgrade. This helped immensely as I was not working a full time job making ECUs and harnesses. Since then I have been involved in several other off-shoot projects including POLARIS EMMs and Start/Stop Modules as well as some commercial products for various entities, all on top of my “day” job.

I decided some time ago to open-source the ECU project. At stake was the DMCA and the fact that some did not want me to release all the hardware data. With the DMCA, it used to be illegal to hack into your own ECU in order to make repairs and lawful modifications. Thankfully, that has not been an issue for several years, and I believe it will get renewed again in 2021!

That being said, I believe that there is no reason to closely guard the secrets behind the ECU. In the next several months I will slowly begin posting all of the hidden hardware secrets, some good and some bad. Additionally I will be posting a complete list of parts required in order to modify a non-3000GT ECU into a 3000GT ECU along with schematics and OEM PCB information.

As part of this open-source, I will begin to take limited orders for ECUs – but gone is the harness. These will all have adapter PCB’s. And the adapter PCB’s will be offered separately for sale.

Stay tuned as I compile and release all the data!


Supported Boost Control Solenoids

Since Chrome supports ECU driven boost control, I decided to beef up the hardware in the Clone2 ECU to support just about ANY boost control solenoid you can find WITHOUT resistors!

That’s right. Just about ANY! If it has not been tested, I will be happy to test it for you and add it to the list.

All Clone2 ECUs that ship now have the beefed up circuitry and support the following boost control solenoids:

  • Stock 2 Port BCS
  • GM 1997152 3 Port BCS
  • GM 214-474 3 Port BCS
  • MAC 12 vdc 5.4 w (Model 35A-AAA-DDBA-1BA) 3 Port BCS
  • MAC 12 vdc 4.2 w (Model 35A-AAA-DEEA-1BA) 3 Port BCS
  • Greddy Profec B-Spec 15900535 3 Port BCS

In the near future I will post the base maps for the GM 1997152 3 Port BCS to tune for about 1 BAR on 15G Turbos, DSM 450 CC injectors, and a 482 EVO Style MAF using side mount intercoolers!

Mitsu Injector Identification

Or how to identify those Mitsubishi Injectors!

Mitsubishi Injectors are color coded and have unique casting numbers!  Nippen Denso (ND) was so kind to stamp identification numbers on both sides of the plastic body.  So identification is a snap!

Pink – 240cc – DSM 4G63 1g 2.0L NA – Stamped N240H, casting # INP-059 – High Impedance
Green – 210cc – 3000GT NA – Stamped BDH210, casting # INP-061 – High Impedance
Red Brown – 210cc – 3000GT NA – Stamped SDH210, casting # INP-532 – High Impedance

Brown – 360cc – 3000GT VR4 – Stamped BDL360, casting # INP-014 – Low Impedance
Tan or Gray – 390cc – DSM 4G63 1g Turbo AT – Stamped B390L, casting # INP-008 – Low Impedance
Blue – 450cc – DSM 4G63 1g Turbo MT, Galant VR4 – Stamped B450L, casting # INP-009 – Low Impedance
Black – 450cc – DSM 4G63 2g Turbo – Stamped MDL450, casting # INP-018 – Low Impedance
Yellow – 510cc – EVO 1-3 and JDM VR4 – Stamped MDL510, casting# unknown  – Low Impedance
Pink – 560cc – EVO 7-9 – Stamped MDL560, casting # INP-020 – Low Impedance
Pink – 560cc – EVO 8-9 – Stamped MDL560P, casting # INP-401 – Low Impedance

Blue and Black 450cc injector differences:  The Blue top has a single spray pattern and the Black top has a dual spray pattern.  Otherwise they are the same!

Some other random injectors:

Yellow – 182cc – 1.5L NA – Stamped B182H, casting # INP-050 – High Impedance
White – 210cc – 1.8L NA – Stamped N210H, casting # INP-057 – High Impedance
Green or Blue – 275cc – 2.4L – Stamped MDH275, casting # INP-065  – High Impedance
Green or Blue – 275cc – 2.4L – Stamped N275H, casting # INP-933- High Impedance




New Options!

SL options are now available to order individually on the Plug n’ Play Adapter Harnesses.  Unfortunately, SL options are only available ala carte.  If you need a complete package, you will have to order the ECU and the Adapter harness individually for the SL.

Also coming soon are downloadable and printable help files!


Coupons and more Coupons!

***UPDATE #2***  Due to overwhelming success, the coupon deal has been extended until . . .  well until we decide not to have it!  Donate for Chrome and receive a coupon code for the amount of your donation (up to $50.00 US) which you can apply at check out for a Clone2 ECU, Plug n’ Play Harness, or Clone2 Plug n’ Play Package!

MITSUBISHI Factory Wiring Diagrams!

Its finally here, all of the Mitsubishi Factory Wiring Diagrams in PDF format!

Welcome to the New Site!

Welcome to the new and improved ECU Clone Site!

Chrome SL v1.0 & Chrome v2.0 are now Available!

 Welcome to the home of THE ORIGINAL VR4 Clone ECU, Clone2, and the new parking spot for Chrome!

Chrome SL v1.0 & Chrome v2.0 are ONLY available via a donation!  Get Chromed!

If you are looking for the older Chrome software downloads or other support files, please visit the Store!

Clone² ECU Now Shipping!

The Clone² ECU is now compatible with BOTH the VR4 and the SL!

The Clone² ECU is a modified VR4 Clone ECU which includes the SL Variable Plenum Actuator Circuits and Variable Plenum inputs.  This ECU will allow you to have two 1.5 amp drive outputs (pins 32 and 33) as well as two additional 0-5v inputs on pins 53 and 63 (currently the OEM VR4 ECU and the VR4 Clone ECU only has the input on pin 63 active) while still maintaining the hardware based O2 circuit calibration that is unique to the 1999 VR4 Code which Greg’s Chrome is based off of (yes there is a difference)!

No other vendor can promise this!

Change in Harness Pricing!

Due to an increase and an ever increasing difficulty in ordering the parts for the harnesses, I was forced with a difficult decision; raise prices or change the way they are ordered.  Based on feedback from most users, rather than raising prices, I have decided to make the extra wiring an option as well as the 8″ 2.5mm to 2.5mm flash cable an option.  Most users don’t use the extra wiring and most have already ordered the Tactrix cable with the Mitsu reflash connector which includes a 2.5mm patch cable.